Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hualien real estate

We are starting to look at some local properties, and here is a new development which tickles our fancy....

Here is one I really like, a seaside villa with a swimming pool:

and what a view! There are some really nice homes. A modest townhome in a nice area costs about $250k cdn, and a country villa costs $400k and up. Property tax is very low, almost non existent. Relative to other parts of Taiwan, Hualien real estate is very undervalued.


  1. Greetings!
    I live in Canada right now and I am originally from Taiwan. I moved to Vancouver 30 years ago.

    Hualian is one of the city in Taiwan that I like the most. I am constantly considering to move to Hualian when I retire (that is going to be many years later). From time to time, I search about the real estate market information in Hualian as well.

    I admire you relocated to Hualian. All the best wishes for your new life there.


  2. HI, could you refer me to a real estate agent in Hualien? Your house looks nice. Congrats!